Why Hip Hop Makes It Harder for Nicki and Cardi to Reunite Than It Did for Drake and Meek Mill

In an ideal world, Cardi and Nicki’s recent altercation will end in a Drake and Meek Mill-like reconciliation, but even with their few similarities, the two feuds couldn’t be any more different.

Prior to their three year long beef that is documented via diss records, Drake and Meek Mill were friends. The pair hung out at All Star Weekends, willingly collaborated with each other on a few songs, and on various occasions, tweeted in support of each other’s music and overall artistry.

In fact, it was Drake’s failure to tweet and help promote Meek’s Dreams Worth More Than Money album that left the friends at odds. In response to Drake’s lack of support, Meek typed out a slew of tweets that accused the Toronto rapper for his use of a ghostwriter and stated that “R.I.C.O,” Drake’s verse on Dreams Worth More Than Money would have been removed had he known any sooner. That tweet went on to produce “Charged Up,” “Back to Back,” “Wanna Know” and a few other disses on their following projects.

On the contrary, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B have a more complicated history. Their rollercoaster ride of a relationship has had more downs than ups, including back and forth disses on hit tracks and more than enough contention surrounding their feature on “Motorsport.” Despite Nicki’s post of a crowd jamming to “Bodak Yellow”, congratulatory tweets when that song hit the top of the Billboard Hot 100, and a few cordial words exchanged at the Met Gala, it was obvious that their New York and Trini roots hadn’t been enough to eliminate the tension.

Certainly, the origins of Drake and Meek’s relationship might have contributed to their reunion. In situations where there have been a few disagreements, it may be easier to rekindle a relationship with someone with whom you have fond memories. But the issues that may have led to their friendship and instead resulted in Cardi and Nicki’s demise is nonexistent in the male dominated industry of hip hop.

Men aren’t exactly pitted against each other as often as women rappers are. Male rappers of various skill sets, experience, and ages are often praised for their talents and the title of the best rapper is an individual based opinion, which leads to recurring debates at least twice a year. Unfortunately, the same isn’t true for women in this generation.

Despite the Kash Dolls, Saweeties, Maliibu Mitches and City Girls making a name for themselves, the history of this millennium has been that there can only be one face of female rap. In the era of Nicki Minaj’s come up, her talent in addition to a slight drought of mainstream women rappers helped her claim her spot on the throne. The narrative has since continued to deem the rising artist competition to the veteran, which for Nicki resulted in comparisons with Cardi B just the same way she, years earlier, was pitted against Lil Kim.

Nicki’s music typically includes lyrics that affirm her number one position in female rap. Whether any of them are directed towards Cardi in particular, or female rappers in general, can only be assumed, but one thing is for sure: Cardi is not a fan of being dissed, despite its history in rap.

From Nas’ “Ether” to MGK’s “Rap Devil,” disses have always been part of the rap game, but insulting one’s work of art remains a sensitive topic. Even with there being truth to his collaborations with ghostwriters, Drake was upset with Meek’s attempt to slander his overall artistry and felt this warranted his preceding diss songs. Imagine feeling like you’ve been dissed by a fellow rapper for your come up and your skills when you worked your way to the top and earned the heart of the people. Now, add in alleged threats to job opportunities,  negative words and cosigns about your parenting along with Cardi’s sensitivity, gang associated roots, and humble beginnings, and altercations, like the incident at the Harper’s Bazaar ICONS party occur.

It’s goes without saying: Drake and Meek’s reunion was an iconic moment for the culture. However, the surrounding circumstances made the likelihood of this happening more promising. As for Nicki and Cardi, the chances of them having a relationship were probably  jeopardized before they ever met. Now, with things getting physical, family involved and livelihoods threatened, Nicki and Cardi’s beef has already surpassed some of the most iconic beefs and has become more of a personal issue. Given the personalities of both individuals, it may take some maturing and a quick miracle for them to even be cordial.






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