Cardi B and Drake Come Through for the Ladies and Their Summer ’18 IG Captions

It’s no secret that Fabolous is the King of the Instagram captions. But, with charges of aggravated assault and a possible 3-5 years of state prison ahead following domestic situation with longtime girlfriend Emily Bustamante, Fab might just stay low for a while and wait for a more appropriate time to release another project. Wondering where your summer 2018 captions will come from? Well, have no fear, Drake’s “Nice For What,” a women empowerment track and Cardi B’s debut album, Invasion of Privacy dropped this past weekend and it might just give women the perfect captions to match their latest flicks.

Disclaimer: I’ve excluded singles Bodak Yellow and Bartier Carti since they’ve been out for some time now.

Also: “Had a man last year, life goes on,” “You gotta be nice for what, to these niggas,” “Be careful with me,” and I said “Bae, it’s a snack,” he said it’s a entrée” might already be taken so if you’re stuck and need some other options, check some of the potentials from each track below:


Nice For What

  • Had a man last year, life goes on
  • With your phone out, gotta hit them angles
  • That’s a real one in your reflection/Without a follow, without a mention
  • You gotta, be nice for what, to these niggas? (abbreviation: Nice for what)?

Be Careful

  • Be careful with me
  • My heart is like a package with a fragile label on it
  • You might have a fortune, but you lose me, you still gon’ be misfortunate, nigga


Get Up

  • Get money, go hard, damn fuckin’ right/Stunt on these bitches out of mothafuckin’ spite
  • I’m on go like I don’t see no stop lights
  • I’m steppin’ out every day, prom night (facts)
  • Just cause I been on the road don’t mean I been on the run
  • Nails done, hair lit, keep them both laced’
  • Knock me down nine times but I get up ten
  • Look myself in the mirror, I say we gon’ win



  • Came through dripping
  • Quick to drop a nigga like Kemba (go)
  • I’ve been that bitch since pajamas with footies



  • Slim waist, ass fat (fat), my shit is caked up
  • This that collard greens, cornbread, neck bone, back fat/ Get it from my mama and you don’t know where your daddy at
  • I’ma flex like a ‘roid, I’m a ten, she a ‘droid
  • You make-believe, now with me it’s only fact


Best Life

  • Said I’m living my best life
  • You need some, Little Caesar’s pizza, I be hot and ready
  • Turned all my L’s into lessons
  • I’m gigglin’, can’t let the devil have the last laugh                                              
  • I’m my own competition, I’m competin’ with myself
  • I never had a problem showin’ y’all the real me
  • Never did I switch, story stayed the same                                                  


I Like It

  • I like dollars, I like diamonds, I like stunting, I like shining
  • I like proving niggas wrong, I do what they say I can’t



  • What’s a good girl? Watch me turn diva


Money Bag

  • I said “Bae, it’s a snack,” he said it’s a entrée
  • Lookin’ like money bag
  • Wig be laid, waist snatched, ass fat, straight facts
  • Everythin’ your nigga want, I’m like a walkin’ wishlist


She Bad

  • Spoil me in Prada, I’m worth every dollar
  • I’m his favorite type of chick, boujee, bad, and thick


I Do

  • I left a nigga on read ’cause I felt like it
  • I think us bad bitches is a gift from God
  • I’m a rich bitch and I smell like it



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