Revisiting the Makings of Day26 and Their Self-Titled Album on Its 10th Anniversary

MTV‘s Making the Band was undeniably one of the best reality competition shows once GQ cover star Diddy took over the series. Everyone remembers the epic demand to walk from Manhattan to Brooklyn to grab him some Junior’s cheesecake..if you’re a real fan, you remember the relationship between Choppa and Babs, but as successful as the era of the Da Band was to reality television, that’s all it was. The group with the greatest music is debatable. Some might say Danity Kane, but when I think of a great reality television/music conversation, I think Day26.

Day26 is a boy band comprised of Robert, Michael, Brian A., Willie, and Qwanell, five regular guys, who at the time were looking for their big break. Cue in: Making the Band Season 4 auditions, and the men with four different walks of life merged together in a documented on-air journey that is probably the reason die hard fans were so invested in the group and in particular, their self titled album.

Season 4 was about the group. It chronicled the process of Diddy’s third time creating a band, this time the male equivalent of Danity Kane, for which he was the mastermind the season prior. As with every new set of individuals comes a new set of drama and the truth was no different in the house filled with competitive alpha males, the majority of whom were African American. MTB4 fans usually highlight the epic battle between the existing members of the house and the challengers who confidently walked in with hopes of replacing someone in the competition. Brian passionately singing “End of the Road” is one of my favorite scenes to this day. The show also broadcasted the struggles the men experienced while pursuing their dreams. Mike struggled to lose weight, Donnie struggled with dancing, and Robert’s often bumped heads with the mother of his child. Viewers watched weekly until the final episode aired live: Diddy had given Donnie a solo career and had chosen the five that would make Day 26.

In the following season, we watched as they shared a label, competed for studio and even dated members of Danity Kane. The focus, was the making of their self titled album, which celebrated its decade long anniversary yesterday. Day26 was and still is one of the albums I can listen to straight through. From singles “Got Me Going” and “Since You’ve Been Gone” to my personal favorites “Co Star” and “Come In,” each song embodies the true essence of R&B as they put into words the feelings experienced when in love. It’s a feeling many albums currently lack.

Day26 avoided the sophomore slump with their second album Forever in a Day and parted ways to work on their solo careers. Somewhere along the line, they, like most other groups, decided to reunite, this time without the backing of Diddy, who excluded them in the Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour.

They are working on their next album, which can either be a good or bad thing. Should they leave their catalog untouched and revered or should they pick up where they left off hoping to once again produce record breaking hits??? That is the question.

Just the other day, Willie Taylor posted a cocky, yet bias post on his Instagram:

One of the TOP 3 Vocal Groups of all times…….Hands Down!!!! @officialday26  #NoDebate or #LetsDebate – Vocally Incredible (New Album “A New Day” is in the mixing stages now @ayrockmusichow we looking? They gotta get this album ASAP).

Hmm let’s think…Jagged Edge, 112, Boyz II Men, Jodeci, but I’ll stop here. I won’t be tricked into slandering one of my favorite groups. What I will say is…thanks for some great television and for that fire album I still jam to this day.


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